Making cards and my own wrapping paper is one of my ever favorites in the world of crafts.
I love to connect these two with each other too.

Today I would love to share our newest handmade G
ALAXY paper and a card which Ela made for Father's Day :)
The process of painting galaxy inspired pattern proves to be very relaxing, rewarding, easy and simply pretty every time when done with the right effort.
Galaxy paper or card can be gifted on any other occasions, its very versatile.

So here's full tutorial on how we did it!

- large format card stock (we use plain wallpaper and A1 white paper)

- black acrylic paint + mini roller and tray
- white,blue,green, purple,pink, orange, red...anything cosmic :)
- metallic paints (optional)- glitter paint (optional)
- sponge or craft sponges
- paint brushes
- card stock
- metallic marker

Step 1.
Paint a large format paper black, leave it to dry.
This process is so much easier with a mini roller.

                                              Let it dry.

Step 2.

We had a look at some galaxies on my laptop to get some ideas for color palette.
Ela knew what she likes best :)

Get your shades of blue, red or any other you choose to be the main one and start to paint it over black paper using sponge.
Washing up sponge should works great too.

Don't add any water.

At this point we understood we're actually creating a real painting...we gave our best effort and heart into it :)

Step 3.
Now get some contrasting color paint and experiment with different painting techniques too, like splashes. We choose bright pink.
Splashes need a dash of water to be added to the paint.

HERE is Ela's little demo ;)

Step 4.

Now it's time to add white star dust to complete the galaxy using white paint mixed with some water.

HERE's Ela with her thick and hard painting brush showing how to sprinkle the paper.
This way you will get hundreds tiny stars ;)
Leave it to dry.

                                How amazing is that!

I'm liking this so much I could honestly frame it :D

                                  To pretty to give away :P

If you here just for the wrapping paper than you're done!
For the card do follow next steps ;)

Step 5.
Now cut off the longest as possible strip of galaxy, not wider than your or your child's hand so it can be hidden inside it.
Ela's strip is 115 cm long and 4 cm wide.
Mine adult one is 7 cm wide.

Step 6.
Fold the paper back and forth in a fanfold. Turn the paper over and fold the end up.

Step 7.
Using metallic pen or white paint  write word THE GALAXY in any preferred typo.
One letter on each space between folds.
Leave few blank spaces on left and right so the word is in the middle.

Step 8.
Drawing outline of a hand.
Choose some nice thick paper and outline your hand, cut it out and repeat to get two hands.


Step 9.
Stick each end of the galaxy to each "inside" of the hand.
We did it with double sided tape.

Fold it in....

Wrap around a string or ribbon to hold it in one place.

This cute pair of hand are now ready to spread love!

There's enough space to write the wishes on the other side of the galaxy ;)

GALAXY gift wrapping and a card will make a nice set for many occasions :)

                                      Happy crafting!

This Spring/Easter season I'm running a bit late with our new handmade greeting cards.
We have a time off school here in UK, sunny warm days came up in London and I focused on outdoor living with my daughter.
We were seeding and planting flowers, fruits and vegetables in our garden containers.Play at near playground and visited few great places here in London, like Kew Gardens as usual when everything is starting to bloom and the English world is looking colorful again ;)

Kew Gardens, London
Kew Gardens, London

The Hive at Kew Gardens, London

The Hive at Kew Gardens, London

We also had little Egg Hunt party in our back garden as we do every year, kids absolutely loved it again :)

If you planning to throw an Egg Hunt or party this Easter I've got a nice FREE PRINTABLE pack over HERE for you ;)

All followed by simple face craft workshop that day :)

We have also a school project to complete as every half term...
So please be understanding this year :)

Today we're presenting fun pretty and very easy
blooming tree cards!
Yes I know, Its late...but with some time on your hands it can be just an awesome Spring art activity with little ones.
Lots of fun, I promise!

Materials needed:
- blank greeting cards or cardstock
- black acrylic paint
- white, red, yellow, blue acrylic paint
- drinking straw
- few cotton buds

Step 1.

Mix black paint with water - 50/50.
Start with a big splodge at the bottom of your card...

Now give you child a straw, watch Ela demonstrating what to do next in the video over HERE.

I noticed Its a truly great exercise, kids will not only learn to control the strength of their blowing but also a composition of an artwork.
The satisfaction afterward is huge!

Starting to blow slowly, pushing the large splodge to the top and forming a tree trunk.
Then by rotating card  make branches with quick strong blows.

Here's happy Ela with her results :)    

Step 2.

When the trees has dried you will need to mix some paints to make Spring flowers.
Lots of white...

red and a dash of blue (optional).
You can also use yellow paint instead of blue and red.Experiment.

We made few shades of pink.

Step 3.

With a cotton buds make several flowers using different shades.

We add some fallen ones under the tree too.

Ela has enjoyed the blowing technique so much she spend another hour creating some abstract pictures :)

Here's the final result!
Pretty and simple.
You could add some words, maybe a few green leaves.I decide to leave it just as it is.

We've done yellow tones too.

 Why not make an little artwork using neon pens ;)

                                              HAPPY SPRING!